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Continuous Professional Development via Short Courses

Continuous Professional Development is the process of maintaining, improving and broadening the knowledge and skills in professionals. Keeping in line with this requirement, the Auditor General’s organisation also makes a conscious effort to improve professional competence through imparting training in relevant areas of auditing and accounting. The Pakistan Audit & Accounts Academy and its regional offices are committed to assist the department in achieving the goal of professional up-gradation of its members.

Annual Training Plan

Annual Training Plan is fully designed keeping in view the professional requirement of the field Audit/Accounts offices. Efforts are made to equip human resource of the department of the Auditor General of Pakistan with new Audit techniques and concepts. Guidelines provided by the Auditor General of Pakistan are compatible with auditing and accounting functions. Trainings in the core areas of NAM, FAM, SAP R/3 and ACL as well as demands of office-specific courses from various field audit and accounts offices are also given due consideration while preparing the plan. 

The salient features of the Annual plan can be summarized as: 

• Demands from field offices adjusted in the plan
• Core courses incorporated
• Courses on new and emerging areas included on topics like MTBF, Forensic Audit, Fraud and Corruption, Environment Audit etc.
• PIFRA-related courses such as NAM, FAM, ACL, IS Auditing and SAP R/3 also made an integral part of the plan.

A lot of emphasis is placed on conducting courses on various topics to enhance understanding of officers of the department. Separate trainings are conducted for BS 17-18 and for BS 19-20 officers depending upon their job requirements. Courses were even conducted for senior management of BS 21, since the Auditor General of Pakistan believes in imparting skill based knowledge to all levels of employees. Being a professional service, Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service needs to continuously update its capacity to conduct work professionally. 

Training Facilities

There are two class-rooms available at the Institute. One is a U shaped class with a capacity of 36 participants and a Conference Room which is used for official meetings, extension lectures and also for short courses etc. The Conference Room is equipped with multimedia and public address system.


PAAA, Lahore-Calendar 2017 – 18 at a Glance (Short Courses Wing)

July 2017                                    Duration
1. Official Correspondence & Report Writing 03 Days
2. Audit of Fraud & Corruption 03 Days
August 2017  
3. Team & Time Management 02 Days
4. Procurement under PPRA 03 Days
5. Budgeting under MTBF 02 Days
September 2017  
6. Audit of Works 03 Days
7. Certification Audit / FAM / Working Paper Kit 05 Days
8. New Accounting Model (NAM) 02 Days
October 2017  
9. Communication Skills 02 Days
10. Analysis of Financial Statements 03 Days
11. PAC Briefs in Urdu with In Page Typing 05 Days
November 2017  
12. Internal Controls/ Audit Standards for Public Sector / Accounting Standards 03 Days
13. Environment Audit 03 Days
14. Receipt Audit / Income Tax Laws / Sales Tax Laws & FED 05 Days
December 2017  
15. Forensic Audit / Forensic Accounting 03 Days
16. Crash/Intensive Program for Skill Development of Officials (Naib Qasid, Junior Auditors & Drivers) 02 Days
17. CIPFA (Module 1 to 7) 10 Days
January 2018  
18. Stress Management 02 Days
19. Project Management / Project Auditing & Accounting 05 Days
February 2018  
20. Project Auditing 03 Days
21. Workshop on QMF 02 Days
22. Code of Ethics 03 Days
March 2018  
23. Audit of Banks 03 Days
24. Course For Drawing & Disbursing Officers Under NAM 05 Days
April 2018  
25. Sectoral Guidelines 03 Days
26. Conflict Management / Negotiation Skills 05 Days
May 2018  
27. Audit of Debt Management 02 Days
28. Audit of Disaster related Aid 03 Days
29. Decision Making 02 Days