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Final Passing Out Ceremony of 33rd MCMC (Domain Specific) held on 04-06-2022
Auditor General of Pakistan has visited the PAAA Lahore on 12th May May 2022. AGP addressed the probationers of 49th STP.
33rd MCMC (Domain Specific), is commenced on 9th of May, 2022
Auditor General of Pakistan awarded certificates to the out going probationers of 48th STP in a Final Passing Out Ceremony held on 18-03-2022
Inaugural Meet Up of 49th STP Probationers with Rector PAAA and Directing Staff on 29th March 2022
Final Passing Out Ceremony of 32nd MCMC (Domain Specific) held on 14-01-2022
Country Study Tour South (Karachi), of 48th STP conducted during the month of December 2021
Representative of the Auditor General of Pakistan, Rector Pakistan Audit & Accounts Academy presided the Annual General Meeting of PIPFA on December 04, 2021

Rector’s Message

Mrs. Namana Gulrukh Fareed


Pakistan Audit and Accounts Academy is the premier institute of the Department of the Auditor General of Pakistan mandated to provide both induction level training and in-service training to the establishment of the DAGP as well as to provide policy input to the higher management. PA&AA is the sole gateway for training the officers who seek career in Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service to carry out the statutory duty as laid down in the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Specialized Training Programme, an induction level training, is the flagship programme of Pakistan Audit and Accounts Academy. New entrants after entering into civil service are transformed into professional civil servants with adequate knowledge of the principals and techniques of modern finance, accounting and auditing. PA&AA is also responsible for conducting continuous professional development courses at local and international level. To fulfill this responsibility, PA&AA is reinvigorating its trainings by including new and emerging audit areas.

Pakistan Audit and Accounts Academy is veteran in imparting trainings on the latest improvements in the public financial reporting standards and new dimensions of public sector auditing. Training modules are being customized to impart the most relevant and quality training to enable the DAGP to fulfill the constitutional mandate of reliable financial reporting and objective audit of the public expenditure in order to contribute towards improved financial decision making at policy level.

Advent of information technology in every sphere of business is a real challenge at present. Establishment of the Center for information system auditing (CISA) in PA&AA is the first step towards training of information systems auditing. PA&AA and its four regional academies are fully equipped with training facilities and faculty. Thus, PA&AA is ever committed to contribute in realizing the vision of the Auditor General of Pakistan.


Namana Gulrukh Fareed

Rector, Pakistan Audit and Accounts Academy

Auditor General of Pakistan's Address

Mr. Muhammad Ajmal Gondal

Auditor General of Pakistan

Speech by Auditor General of Pakistan to Probationary officers of 49th Specialized Training Program (STP) at Pakistan Audit and Accounts Academy

The Auditor General of Pakistan, Mr. Muhammad Ajmal Gondal visited the Pakistan Audit & Accounts Academy (PAAA), on 12th of May 2022. He was received by Rector PAAA, Mrs. Namana Gulrukh Fareed along with other senior officers, including Additional Auditor General-1 Mr. Iram Anjum Khan, DAG Central Mr. Sajid Ali Nadeem and Accountant General Punjab, Mr. Syed Ammar Naqvi. The Auditor General shared his vision and interacted with the probationary officers of 49th Specialized Training Programme (STP). He congratulated the probationary officers on becoming part of Pakistan Audit & Accounts Service (PAAS) and highlighted that PAAS is a key federal service with a constitutional mandate and a broad working canvas across all sectors of government. The trust reposed in the DAGP by the Legislature and Executive is based on the performance of its officers.

The AGP encouraged the probationers to work hard since PAAS represents an opportunity for them to embark on an illustrious and challenging career path. It is imperative for them to keep their knowledge-base current and strive for professional excellence. In this regard, the STP has a central significance where they can gain the skills and knowledge needed to perform well in their careers. He also emphasized the importance of hard work to the probationary officers and the significant bearing that their Final Passing Out Exams (FPOE) results would have on their seniority and future career prospects.

The session ended with a note of thanks to the honorable guest.