Pakistan Audit & Accounts Academy, Peshawar


The Office of the Audit and Accounts Training Institute Peshawar was established in 1980’s in a small classroom with in the premises of Accountant General’s NWFP, Peshawar Office. The main objective to establish the Institute, was to impart SAS (Subordinate Accounts Services) trainings to employees of the Accountant General and Treasury Offices at Peshawar. Late Khwaja Fida Muhammad Deputy Accountant General, (may Allah keep his soul in rest) was to manage all trainings activities.

Later on, with the increased scope of training activities demand for separate Audit and Accounts Training Institute at Peshawar was intensified. Therefore, a separate Institute  headed by Mr.Rasheed Ahmad Saleh, Deputy Director was made functional in a rented building near Khyber Mail Office Peshawar Cantt some where in 1982. He remained for a short period of about 3-4 months and was succeeded by Mr. Khan Badshah, Deputy Director who put all his efforts in establishing the newly created institute at Peshawar and made it run successfully. The following Officers headed the PAAA Peshawar:-

Sr. No. Name


Mr. Khwaja Fida Muhammad


Mr. Rasheed Ahmad Saleh


Mr. Khan Badshah


Mr. Najeeb Ullah Marwat


Mr. Ahmad Rasool Bangash


Mr. Raqeeb Ullah Khan


Mrs Hashmat Iqbal


Mr. Sikandar Khan


Mr. Muhammad Tariq Afridi


Mr. Arbab Sher Bahadur


Mr. Muhammad Ayaz


Mr. Amir Badshah Khattak


Mr. Muhammad Amin


Mr. Habib Ur Rehman


Mr. Ahmad us Saliheen


Mr. Amjad Hussain



Pakistan Audit & Accounts Academy Peshawar (PAAAP) is a prestigious institution for training of civil servants in the Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Focus of PAAA activities remains upon Financial Management, Auditing and Accounting, though other dimensions of effective management are also taken into account. The aim of the PAAA is to improve the quality and effectiveness of Public Policies and management in the province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, by improving the quality of pre-service and in service trainings and education of all those engaged in Public service.

Mission of the Academy is to prepare and develop Human Resources of the Department, mainly in their profession as Auditors, Accountants, Managers and work facilitators so that they could pursue the departmental objectives efficiently and effectively in the light of departmental training policy.


PAAA aims at building and developing the H R capacity for undertaking tasks of policy formulation and implementation at tactical, operational and strategic levels.


Main Objectives of PAAA Peshawar

PAAA Peshawar up graded to a status of Pakistan Audit and Accounts Academy Peshawar in 2015 and dedicates improvement of governance in financial management by imparting trainings in new scenario of Audit and Accounts. In this sequence a series of courses like SAP FI, SAP HR, Basic IT, Information System Auditing, NAM, FAM, CAATS, ACL, Office Management, Project Program Audit, Public Procurement Audit, Certification Audit, Regularity Audit, are being conducted regularly.   

The Pakistan Audit and Accounts Academy Peshawar is engaged to inculcate the importance and efficacy of trainings amongst the staff of Audit and Accounts offices as well provincial employees for their capacity building.


PAAA Peshawar has been conducting short courses for Officers/Officials of Audit and Accounts /Federal and Provincial employees.

  • More than 2500 officers & officials of Audit and Accounts departments have been trained in various disciplines since the introduction of New Accounting System.
  • Besides, Computer Competency Practical Training (CCPT) is also being imparted by the AATI Peshawar to the AGP (PIPFA) candidates and about 230 candidates have so far been trained.
  • A good number of special courses on various disciplines have been conducted on the requests of client departments.


Available Facilities



Video Conferencing Room




Computer Lab






Dining Hall


Class Rooms








Participants level (BPS 07-18)

Calendar of short courses 2018-2019 Duration Dates
 July 2018                                                                                                                                 
 1. Good Governance and Office Management   

2.  MS Office                                                                                         

03 days   

05 days

17/07 to 19/07/2018   

23/07 to 27/07/2018

3.   SAP R/3 (FI) 03 days 06/08 to 08/08/2018
4.  Audit Command Language 03 days 28/08 to 30/08/2018
5. Internal Audit       03 days 12/09 to 14/09/2018
6.  Conduct, Efficiency & Disciplinary Rules                                                         03 days 25/09 to 27/09/2018
7. Public Procurement Rules                  

8. Information System Auditing

03 days   

05 days

10/10 to 12/10/2018   

22/10 to 26/10/2018

09.  FAM   

10. Role of DDO

03 days   

03 days

06/11 to 08/11/2018   

26/11 to 28/11/2018

 December 2018    
11. Audit of Revenue Receipts   

12. Communication skills in Management

03 days   

03 days

05/12 to 07/12/2018   

18/12 to 20/12/2018

13. FR/SR & Civil Service Rules 03 days 01/01 to 03/01/2019
14. MTBF/Budget Monitoring 03 days 16/01 to 18/01/2019
15. Public Works Audit 03 days 05/02 to 07/02/2019
16. Pre-Audit Checks &  Internal Controls                                                   03 days 19/02 to 21/02/2019
17. SAP HR (Pension Module through Direct Credit System) 03 days 05/03 to 07/03/2019
18. GFR/TA Rules                                                                                       03 days 13/03 to 15/03/2019
19. NAM                                          03 days 02/04 to 04/04/2019
20. Maintenance of Service Books/Service Records 03 days 22/04 to 24/04/2019
21. Environment Audit    

22. Audit of Fraud and Corruption


03 days

03 days


11/06 to 13/06/2019

18/06 to 20/06/2019



Note:  Courses mentioned at serial number 2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,15,17,19,20,21&22 would be conducted through outsourcing during 2018-2019.

Courses Conducted up to January, 2019

Calendar of short courses 2018-2019 Duration Course Outline
July 2018
1. Good Governance &Office Management  03 days
·    Guide lines on implementing the Good Governance Principles
·   Strong commitment to integrity, ethical values.
·   Strong commitment to the Rule of Law.
·   Maintaining standards
·   Introduction to office management
·   Discipline
·   Attendance
·   Punctuality
2. MS Office 05 days
·    Concepts of Information Technology.
·    Introduction to Computer
·    Computer Software: Operating system and application software
·    MS- Word 2007   

·    MS-Excell-2007

·    MS-Power Point 2007

3.   SAP R/3 (FI) 03 days
·    Overview of SAP FI
·    Basic Components of F. I. module
·    Terminology used in SAP FI
·    Budgeting in SAP
·    Bill Punching, Processing, and Cheque Printing
·    Expenditure Tracking
·    Financial Reports in SAP
4.  Audit Command Language 03 days
·    Explain the fundamentals of data concepts
·    ACL basics, and data analysis cycle
·    Create tables to access data
·    Display and filter data
·    Verify data integrity, create expressions, compare data from  different files/systems, profile data, and produce data reports
·    Test control totals, bounds, completeness, uniqueness, data relationships, and reliability
·    Evaluate data to reveal exceptions
5. Internal Audit 03 days
·    Introduction to Internal Audit
·    Objectives of Internal Audit
·    Scope and Standards of Internal Audit
·    Framework Components
·    Duties and responsibility of Internal Auditor
·    Internal Audit processing
·    Audit Techniques 
·    Sampling, Kinds of Sampling.
·    Internal control evaluation.
·    Reporting
6.  Conduct, Efficiency & Disciplinary Rules 03 days
·    Short Title and commencement, Extent of application and definitions under Conduct Rules, 1964.
·    Provision of Conduct Rules regarding acceptance and disposal of gifts, awards, Public Demonstration of Government Servants, subscriptions, lending & borrowing, declaration of property, disclosure of assets, private trade, employment or work, unauthorized communication of documents or information etc.
·    Short Title, commencement and application and definitions under Efficiency & Discipline Rules, 1973.
·    Ground for penalties, types of penalties.   

·    Inquiry Procedure

·    Powers of Inquiry Officer and Inquiry Committee

·    Disciplinary proceedings against accused government servant.
7. Public Procurement Rules  03 days
·    PPRA and its role in procurement process
·    Assessing the need for procurement
·    Methods of procurement
·    Prequalification of bidders
·    Invitation to bidding (Advertisements)
·    Issue bid documents
·    Evaluation of bids.
·    Awarding.
·    Contract Administration, etc.
·    Basic Concepts of Contract Audit
·    General/Special condition of contract
·    Function and authority in the supervision of Administration of contract

8. Information System Auditing                                               

05 days
·    Introduction to IS Systems
·    IS Internal Controls
·    IS Audit Process
·    IT Governance
·    Protection of Information Assets
·    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
·    Application of Computer Assisted Audit Techniques
9.  FAM 03 days
·    Types of audits dealt with by the Auditor General of Pakistan
·    Legislative Basis of FAM
·    DAGP Auditing Standards and Code of Ethics
·    Audit Cycle under FAM (overview)
·    General audit planning
·    Fieldwork, Evaluation
·    Reporting & Follow up
10. Role of DDO                                    03 days
·    Who is a DDO
·    Role & Responsibilities of DDO
·    Function of Drawing and & Disbursing Officer Relating to Budget
·    Recording of Disbursements by DDO
·    Reconciliation of Expenditure
·    Monthly Expenditure Statement
·    Statement of Excesses and Surrenders
·    Re-appropriation of Funds
·    Revised Estimates and Supplementary Grants
·    Receipt and Payment of Public Money
·    Sanctioning of Expenditure
·    Handling of Audit team/Auditable record.
 December 2018    
11. Audit of Revenue Receipts 03 days
·    Salient provisions of law governing Levy, assessment, collection and exemption from income tax
·    Budgetary measures regarding Income Tax and their   impact on public revenue
·    Salient features of Sales Tax
·    Type  of taxes (federal/Provincial
·    Laws regarding Customs- it levy, assessment and collection, Desk audit of Customs
·    Inland revenue
12. Communication skills in Management 03 days
·    Definition of Interpersonal skills in management.
·    Communication process
·    Essential element of communication.
·    Objective of the communication.
·    Principle of communication.
·     Various forms of communication.
13. FR/SR & Civil Service Rules 03 days
·    Introduction to FR/SR and its applicability
·    Appointment, Medical, lien, Pay Fixation, Service Conditions etc.
·    Civil Servant Act, 1973, General Conditions of Service
·    Appointment/ Promotion/ Transfer Rules, 1973.
·    Conduct Rules, 1964
·    Efficiency & Discipline Rules, 1973.
·    Leave Rules
14. MTBF/Budget Monitoring    03 days
·    The course focuses on giving an overview of the budgeting in Pakistan
·    Different types of budgeting prevalent in the country/Province.
·    The sessions on MTBF discuss the new framework and its main features.
·    Practical exercises in understanding medium term budgeting and its links with the policy outcomes.
·    An overview of Medium Term Expenditure Framework.



Amjad Hussain
Deputy Director
MBA (Finance)


Muhammad Ilyas
Audit Officer / Faculty Member I.T
Master Degree in English Literature / SAS


Gul Nabi Khan
Audit Officer / Faculty Member-Admn
M.Com / Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science / PIPFA



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