Centre for Information System Auditing


During the last few years, technological landscape of Government of Pakistan has dramatically changed. Accounting and budgeting systems have been computerized on SAP/R3 ERP software and integrated through IT interventions; impressive work has been done in automation of taxes, National ID cards and passports. Huge IT infrastructure comprising LANs and WANs has been set up to ensure effective communication in a reliable automated environment.
In view of these developments, the Centre for Information System Auditing was established in April, 2011 at PAAA Lahore as per directive of the Auditor General of Pakistan. The purpose of this Centre is:

• Building and Developing Capacity of Department of the Auditor General of Pakistan in the field of Information System Auditing.

• Equip personnel of the DAGP with the skills to use latest IT tools to bring in efficiency, economy and effectiveness within the department.

• Build capacity to undertake audits in the computerized environments.

• Continuous research and development in the field of IS Auditing.


Courses Offered

i) CISA Course:

The main objective of the training is to familiarize participants with the theoretical concepts of IS Auditing and to impart training on IS audit process, know about information systems, IS controls and evaluate areas such as IT Governance, Security of Information Assets, Business Continuity and Disaster Management. Application of CAATs for effective desk audit and data analysis as well as IS Auditing controls, checklists of guidelines in different I.T areas. The course is designed as per prescribed criterion by ISACA for CISA exam. The advance level courses cover Network Security of Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking, Advance Information Security, Database Audit, Web Server Audit etc.

ii) Audit Command Language (ACL):

The course is designed to enable the auditors to understand basic concepts used in ACL which to employ ACL to analyze data which resultantly add value to audits. While attending the two weeks course on ACL, the participants have the opportunity to understand the data analysis cycle, the methodologies used in data access, verifying data integrity, create expressions and apply data analysis commands in the light of relevant rules and regulations to identify data anomalies. In addition, the participants are given practical exposure to extract data from SAP R/3 system (both HR and FI), upload it in ACL and perform data analysis.

iii) SAP-R/3:

SAP-R/3 is the software being used by the Controller General of Accounts for purpose of preparing accounts. The courses for Accounts Officers are designed on SAP-R/3 FI & HR modules. The main purpose of the courses is that the participants should acquire user level understanding of the FI and HR modules. The course provided them opportunity to get hands on experience so that they may become proficient in components such as payroll, hiring, GP fund, Pension, prepare Monthly Civil Accounts and Annual Accounts and generate necessary reports related to both modules.

iv) Basic IT/MS IT Office:

One week IT courses are conducted for BS 11-17 officers. The participants are given opportunity to develop an understanding of computer hardware and software. The course further helps them in developing skills in MS Office applications such as MS Word, Excel and MS PowerPoint.

Training Facilities


i) A state of the art computer lab comprising 25 computers has been established as per part of the Centre for Information System Auditing at Lahore. In addition a class room having seating capacity of 25 people has been constructed.

ii) A computer lab comprising 30 computers was also been functioning in PAAA since 2005 to conduct computer based short courses like ACL, SAP-R/s, Comprehensive Computer Practical Training (C.C.P.T) and Basic I.T courses. This lab has also been brought under the ambit of the CISA Centre.


PAAA, Lahore-Calendar 2018-2019 at a Glance (IT & CISA Wing)

Sr. #

Courses on Duration
  July 2018  


M.S Office 3 Days


SAP (FI) and SAP (HR) 45th STP 10 Days
  August 2018  


Budget Preparation with M.S Excel 3 Days


E-mail Management 2 Days


ACL (Foundation) 3 Days
  September 18  


M.S Office 3 Days


IS Auditing 5 Days


SAP (FI)                 3 Days
  October 2018  


E-mail Management (Islamabad) 2 Days


Budget Preparation with MS Excel 3 Days


ACL 45th STP 10 Days
  November 2018  


Preparatory Course on CISA (Lahore) 15 Days


MS Excel Advance 3 Days


SAP (HR) 3 Days
  December 2018  


ACL (Foundation) 3 Days


MS Office 3 Days


SAP (FI) 3 Days
  January 2019  


SAP (HR) 3 Days


M.S (Excel Advance) 3 Days


ACL (Intermediate) 3 Days
  February 2019  


One week Refresher Course on CISA 5 Days


MS Office 3 Days


Budget Preparation with MS Excel 3 Days
  March 2019  


Preparatory Course for CISA (Karachi) 15 Days


ACL (Intermediate) 3 Days


MS Excel (Advanced) 3 Days
  April 2019  


Preparatory Course for CISA (Lahore/Islamabad) 15 Days


ACL Advance/Data Extraction 5 Days
  May 2019  


 MS Excel Advance 3 Days


Refresher Course of CISA 5 Days


ACL Advance/Data Extraction 5 Days
  June 2019  


E-mail Management 2 Days


SAP (FI) 3 Days