Pakistan Audit & Accounts Academy, Karachi



Established in early sixties as a Training Centre, headed by an Accounts Officer.

Development Stages

  1. Upgraded as Audit and Accounts Training Institute in 1982 headed by a Deputy Director and by Director in 1988
  2. Re-designated as Pakistan Audit & Accounts Academy in July 2015

Main functions

  • To Arrange trainings in the following areas:
    • Short courses in Accounting, Auditing, Management and Computer applications to update the skills of officers in BPS-16 to BPS-20 to meet the changing professional requirements.
    • Financial management courses for DDOs
  • To Conduct training needs assessment:
  • To Develop an annual training plan;
    • To cooperate with other Institutions and other government departments to provide quality trainings.
    • Director  Mr. Naseem Akhtar Gaad (Director)


Preparing and developing the human resources of the Department of the Auditor-General of Pakistan mainly, in their profession as Auditors, Accountants, Managers and Work Facilitators, to efficiently and effectively achieve the departmental objectives in the light of its training policy.

Target audience

Field Audit Offices (FAOs) and offices of the Controller General of Accounts



Strengthening the role of dag/implementation of qmf & use of suitable


Titles for audit paras

  • Report Writing
  • Seminars


Other trainings

Computer Competency Practical Training






  • 2 Classrooms including 1 classroom with facilities of online class
  • Library
  • Computer Lab


PAAA, Karachi Calendar 2021 – 2022 at a Glance

S #Courses onDuration
1Two weeks skilled based course10 Days
2Training workshop on Thematic Audit                      (CPD Mandatory)03 Days
3Team & Time Management / Stress Management    (CPD Mandatory)03Days
4Microsoft Office ( MS Word, Excel , PowerPoint, Project)03Days
5Audit Report Writing in Official Urdu05 Days
6Foundation Course on ACL Workshop05 Days
7Intermediate Course on ACL Workshop02 Days
8ACL Scripting03 Days
9Workshop on QMF-EY                                             (CPD Mandatory)02 Days
10Course on SAP (HR)03 Days
11Course on SAP (FI)03 Days
12Advanced Excel (Spread Sheet)03 Days
13Audit of Receipts &Taxes (Income Tax Laws , Sales Tax/ Receipt Audit/ income tax return Audit/ Claim of Refund/ Corporate Governance Rules and Companies Act 2017/ SECP Rules)04 Days
14E &D Rules/Disciplinary Rules/ Removal From Service02 Days
15Training Workshop on Thematic Audit                     (CPD Mandatory)03 Days
16Audit of Fraud And Corruption / Forensic Audit05 Days
17Training Workshop on Thematic Audit                    (CPD Mandatory)03 Days
18Public Works Audit03 Days
19Foundation Course on  ACL Workshop05 Days
20Intermediate Course on ACL Workshop02 Days
21ACL Scripting03 Days
22Report Writing / Presentation &Communication  Skills02 Days
23Audit of Petroleum Sector03 Days
24Environment Audit03 Days
25Audit of Regulatory Bodies03 Days
26Public Debt Management03 Days
27  Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)                                  (CPD Mandatory) 05 Days
28Certification Audit /FAM/Working Paper Kit          (CPD Mandatory)03 Days
29Analysis of Financial Statements03 Days
30Audit Social Safety Nets (Issue Based Audit)04 Days


Mr. Naseem Akhtar Gaad


Mumtaz Ali

Audit Officer / Faculty

APA (Corporate & Public Sector) / MBA (Finance) / M.Phil (Finance)

Ata ur Rahman Khan

Audit Officer / Faculty


Sumbal Ahmed

Assistant Audit Officer / Faculty



Pakistan Audit & Accounts Academy,

Audit & Accounts Complex,

Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Block-11, Karachi

Ph. No. 021-99244846