Continuous Professional Development

Basic Functions & Responsibilities


  • Preparation of Annual Training Plan (ATP)
  • Organizing Training Sessions as per ATP
  • Organizing short courses requested on a particular topic by AGP Office, Field Offices and Other Government Establishments
  • To assess the training needs of Field Offices
  • Collaboration with other academies/institutions
  • Coordination with all the Regional Academies working under administrative control of PAAA, Lahore
  • Announcement of course three weeks prior commencement.
  • To invite all the Field Offices through:
    • Fax
    • Letters
    • Phone calls
    • E-mails

  • Hiring experienced and knowledgeable resource persons
  • Taking care of infrastructure, electronic aids and other accessories
  • Providing comfortable surroundings and sitting arrangements
  • Course contents are designed and developed by CD&MDU Wing of PAAA, Lahore.
  • Upcoming and latest courses are designed by the Officers trained abroad.
  • Course contents are provided to the resource persons.
  • After course completion, course material is e-mailed to the participants as well.




  • 113 Newly Recruited Senior Auditors of various Field Audit Offices were trained by the SC wing.
  • The SC wing not only met the target of Planned Courses but also conducted additional courses as Demanded by various offices/departments.
  • The SC wing has successfully conducted 03 Workshops on “Quality Assurance & Use of Suitable Titles for Audit Paras” for BS-19 & 20 Officers at PAAA, Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.
  • The SC wing has successfully conducted 03 Workshops on “Report Writing” for BS-19 & 20 Officers at PAAA, Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.
  • A 03-Days workshop on “Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Legislations Policies and Practices” is being arranged for Senior PA & AS Officers.
  • Consequent upon acceptance of requisition of Controller General of Accounts the courses are being arranged for newly recruited Senior Auditors of various accounts offices.


Sr. #Courses onDuration
1 Negotiation and Conflict Management (CPD Mandatory)3 Days
2New Accounting Model (NAM) (CPD Mandatory)3 Days
3Evaluation of Internal Controls (CPD Mandatory)3 Days
4Decision Making (CPD Mandatory)2 Days
5Strategic Level Understanding Fiscal and Monetary Policy (CPD Mandatory)5 Days
6Rules of Business (ROB) (CPD Mandatory)2 Days
7Official Correspondence & Report Writing3 Days
8Audit Planning (CPD Mandatory) 2 Days *
9Public Debt Management (CPD Mandatory)3 Days
10Assignment Accounts & Special Drawing Accounts (SDAs)        2 Days
11Workshop on Leadership Skills (CPD Mandatory)2 Days
12Understanding of Public Financial Management at Federal & Provincial Level (CPD Mandatory)5 Days
13Quality Management Framework (QMF) (CPD Mandatory)3 Days
14Audit Of Works3 Days
15Professional Ethics (CPD Mandatory)2 Days
16ISSAIs (Performance/Regulatory Audit) (CPD Mandatory)4 Days (Instead of 05 Days)
17Certification Audit / FAM / Working Paper Kit3 Days
18Project Auditing (CPD Mandatory)4 Days
19Analysis of Financial Statement (CPD Mandatory)3 Days
20Audit of Receipts & Taxes4 Days
21Forensic Audit & Accounting (CPD Mandatory)3 Days
22Preparation of Financial Statements (Govt.) (CPD Mandatory)3 Days
23Procurement Under PPRA Rules, 20043 Days
24Code of Ethics (ISSAI) (CPD Mandatory)2 Days
25Managing Work for DAC (CPD Mandatory)5 Days
26Pension Audit2 Days
27Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA)  (Module 1 to 7) (CPD Mandatory)10 Days
28Foreign Aided Projects (CPD Mandatory)3 Days
29Accrual Based Accounting2 Days
30Audit of Contract Management Especially Mega Projects (CPD Mandatory)3 Days
31Audit of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (CPD Mandatory)3 Days
32Preparation of Appropriation Accounts (CPD Mandatory)3 Days
33Audit of Petroleum Sector3 Days
34Presentation & Communication  Skills3 Days
35Anti-Money Laundering Initiatives3 Days