Mission Statement

Preparing and developing the human resource of the department of the Auditor General of Pakistan, mainly, in their profession as auditors, accountants, managers and work facilitators, to efficiently and effectively achieve the departmental objectives in the light of its training policy.


Pakistan Audit & Accounts Academy was setup at Lahore in 1962 under the control of Deputy Auditor General (T&R). In 1980 it was renamed as Pakistan Audit & Accounts Academy (PAAA) and its Regional Institutes were setup at Karachi, Islamabad and Peshawar. In December 1984, a post of Director General was created and all the three regional Institutes as well as Railway Accounts Academy Quetta were placed under the administrative charge of Director General.

The regional institutes were headed by Directors. Training centres were created in each field office to train staff up to BPS-15 while training of B-16 and above was to be done at Pakistan Audit & Accounts Academy.


In order to achieve its objectives, the PAAA performs the following functions:

  • Conduct training, needs assessment.
  • Develop an annual training plan for its human and physical resources and report progress of plan to the Auditor-General at a pre-determined interval.

Deliver training program in the following areas:

  • o Specialized Training Program for Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service Probationers – BPS-17 o Computer courses for secretarial staff.
  • o Short courses in accounting, auditing, management and computer applications, for officers in BPS-16 to BPS-21 on the following occasions:
  • Changes in work methods;
  • Maintenance of standards;
  • Changes in equipment;
  • Maintenance of capabilities;
  • Changes in work codes, legislation or standards; and
  • Special limited time executive assignments.
  • Cooperate with other national or international training institutions and professional bodies for achieving its overall mission.
  • Train and develop its teaching faculty in the modern teaching techniques and methodology and provide them with satisfactory work environment suitable for a training institution.


Pakistan Audit & Accounts Academy (PAAA) Lahore, which is headed by a Rector (BS-21), acts as the Head Quarter for all the four regional academies at Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta. A Director (BS-19) heads each of the regional training academies except at Peshawar where a Deputy Director (BS-18) heads the regional academy.

Directorates in PAAA Lahore

In order to properly follow the mandate given to PAAA, different wings have been established at PAAA, Lahore each with separate duties and responsibilities. Each is headed by its respective director.

  • Probationers / IDC
  • I.T
  • CD & MDU
  • CISA Centre
  • Administration Wing
  • Short Courses


In order to achieve the target of the training following facilities are available at Pakistan Audit & Accounts Academy Lahore:


PAAA provides residential facility to the probationary officers. The hostel consists of 32 single rooms with attached bathrooms. All the rooms are air-conditioned. A computer has also been provided in each room to facilitate the probationers in their academic pursuits.

Dining Hall

A 72- seat dining hall has been built not only to serve as regular probationers’ messing but also for the purpose of hosting a set of functions such as the probationers’ farewell.


PAAA has a library well equipped with books on a variety of subjects ranging from auditing and accounting to literature and political economy. Every year new books are added with a view to provide up to date information on all areas to probationers as well as faculty members.

Computer Labs

Two computer labs are also available to cater the training needs of both probationers as well as trainees of IT-related courses. One lab consists of 30 computers while the other has 25 computers with internet connectivity.

Conference Room

A state of the art conference room has also been established with the seating capacity of 30 to 35 participants. It is equipped with multi-media facilities as well as an excellent sound system.


A gym has also been established within the hostel premises equipped with modern exercise machines such as tread mills, exercise cycles so that in addition to their academic activities, probationers can also avail the benefits of exercise.